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ThinkBeings (e-book)

ThinkBeings (e-book)

SKU: 9780987546609

"Thoughts are where things begin."
A colourful, rhyming picture book which introduces children to the concept of emotional intelligence by using imaginary characters to draw links between thoughts and feelings. It highlights the power of our thoughts and aims to foster self-esteem in children.
"Thoughts can be powerful things. Think on this thought for a moment or two. You can think your way into any thing that you choose."
"Thoughts can be tricky things that stop you dead in your tracks if that voice in your head says 'You're no good at that!' But what if instead the voice in your head said 'You're amazing, fantastic, go for it - do. Get cracking today for you've nothing to lose!"

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  • File License

    This ebook file is sold for the exclusive use of the buyer. It is a single, non-transferable license.

    This means it is illegal for you to share (email, FTP) copies of it with your family and friends. 

    You may load it to multiple devices (eg: computer, tablet, phone, ebook reader) as long as they are owned by you.

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