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A modern reimagining of The Lady of Shalott. Elena is desperate. Her husband was supposed to be her Lancelot, the man to rescue her from her cursed life.  But knights in shining armour are not in the habit of riding past suburban homes in twenty-first century Australia.

Elena lives a lonely, fear-driven life; fearful she is not enough: good, likeable, smart, pretty or perfect enough. If only she could transform herself into an interesting, attractive person, her brave knight would appear and sweep her away to happy ever after.
In a bid to break the curse, Elena navigates a maze of clairvoyants, counsellors, mentors, EFT, yoga and meditation.
Meanwhile, terrified of being alone, she lurches from one disastrous relationship to another in search of her perfect partner. Is he the exotic Isaac, the strong, silent Michael, the larger-than-life Garridan, the youthful Channing or the mystical Jivan? And can he save her from herself?


Publication date: June 2018

Pages: 348

ISBN: 978-0-9875466-2-3 (e-book), 978-0-9875466-3-0 (paperback)

Peace of the Puzzle #1

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Missing peace #2

Elena is on a mission to discover who she really is... and to find the courage to tell the man she loves how she feels.


The search for answers takes her to India, an ancient land of stark contrasts, which both tests and supports her. Buoyed by her new experiences and knowledge, Elena returns home full of hope… until a shocking development threatens to destroy all she has worked so hard for.

Publication of Missing peace is delayed due to focusing on completing Camino into the Heart - see below.



Camino into the Heart

One most unlikely meeting. Thirty-one days' walk across Spain. Two 'almost antipodean' moves, interspersed by a joyous wedding.

One fairytale interrupted by a shock diagnosis and the state of Australia's health and insurance industries. One free fall down the rabbit hole in search of the heart of the matter.

I was determined to walk the almost 800 kilometres of the Camino de Santiago (Camino Frances) solo. Until a Spanish man turned my plans on their head. The 16,460 kilometres which separated us was no match for our instant connection and rapid attraction. Neither was my stubborn desire to walk the Camino alone.

The Camino experience is often described as a microcosm for life. The takeaways for me are that we are never as alone as we imagine ourselves, and the journey of life is infinitely sweeter when shared. Even the hard parts. Especially the hard parts. When seemingly insurmountable roadblocks appear, unconditional love carries us over, around, under or through them. The method doesn't matter. The way is different for each of us. It only matters that we open our hearts and allow love to carry us in the best way possible.

Every human life is a unique story of adventure, mystery, tragedy, surprise, suspense and, above all, love. This is mine.

Camino into the Heart
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