Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Classroom activities for emotions / self-esteem related units.

A3 ThinkBeings colour poster download.

Colour-in Images

Use these sheets as a follow-up activity and visual reminder for your students. Suitable for Kindergarten, Foundation and Years 1-3.

ThinkBeings Collage
ThinkBeings Collage
Super ThinkBeing
Super ThinkBeing
Angry ThinkBeing
Angry ThinkBeing colour-in image
Kooky ThinkBeing
Inventor ThinkBeing colour-in picture
Scared ThinkBeing
Scared ThinkBeing colour-in image
Pretty ThinkBeing
Pretty ThinkBeing colour-in image
Puzzled ThinkBeing
Puzzled ThinkBeing colour-in image
Sad ThinkBeing
Sad ThinkBeing colour-in image
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