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A child searches for a new, rip-roaring fun pet! Learn interesting, different and strange animal facts.

The purrfect book for all the cat lovers in your life. ... More

Grab your coloured pencils and think, feel, create! ... More

Thinkbeings book cover. Rainbow background, lazy, naughty, wise, happy, confused, sad characters

Thoughts can be doubtful things

leaving you not wanting to try

when that silly voice in your head says

you'll never make it that high... More

Peace of the puzzle book cover. Ulysses blue butterfly with woman in tree post as butterfly's body.

Elena is desperate. Her husband was supposed to be her Lancelot, the man to rescue her from her cursed life.  But knights in shining armour are hard to come by in twenty-first century Australia...


Captain Plop book cover. Captain Plop, boy and girl inside a bubble, surrounded by water.

'I am Captain Plop and my job is to get water wasters to stop!'... More

Captain Plop desalination book cover. Captain Plop, boy and girl stand at bow of boat. Land visible.

'Ahoy Cap'n' said Sandy, First Mate. 'Big Al Gee has found the intake pipe, your journey awaits!'

'Yo ho ho and shiver me timbers! This journey be not for the lily-livered landlubber!...' More

Captain Plop recycled book cover. Captain Plop and aerodynamic water bike at race finish line.

"I'm glad you can join me for stage two as we cycle a track where water's reused. This is my aquadynamic bike - hop inside. I'll take you on a very informative ride!'... More


About the Author

Photo of Author Hayley Morton

I am an author, librarian, educator, and yoga teacher. As a child I loved to create stories but, during my teens, a lack of self confidence saw me shy away from writing.

Years later my manager challenged me to write a picture book for a school education program. The result was the Captain Plop series.

It was only after pursuing a number of self-development avenues, I realised that it had been my own thoughts and feelings stopping me from doing, and being, what I really wanted.

It was this experience which led me to write ThinkBeings for children and Peace of the Puzzle for adults.

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