Artist Thinkbeing Thoughts Create our Reality

A fun, colourful, rhyming book which promotes self-esteem in children and highlights the connections between thoughts and feelings (an element of EQ).
Written by Hayley Morton, Illustrated by Kai Nethercott
Age range: 5-10 years

Published: March 2012

Pages: 32, full colour.
ISBN: 9780646571119 (paperback)
ISBN: 9780987546609 (iBook)

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Gallery M

Captain Plop Series

Captain Plop's water-saving mission (2009)

Print copies available through SA Water

Join Captain Plop, water-saver extraordinaire, on a flushingly wet adventure through the underworld of Emily and Luke's home!

This book teaches young children simple concepts for saving water at home, while entertaining them with a fun and engaging tale set within a household plumbing system.

Captain Plop: the desalination adventure (2010)

Print copies available through SA Water

Ahoy me hearties! Come aboard for more swashbuckling Captain Plop adventures as he journeys through a desalination plant.

From the intake pipe in the ocean to your tap at home, learn how Captain Plop transforms from Salt water to drinking water.

This book assists young children to grasp the complex process of desalination by providing simplified explanations in the context of a fun, pirate-themed story.

Captain Plop and the Tour de Recycle (2013)

Free PDF via SA Water website

Dust off your pushbikes and don your purple lycra for a water recycling adventure like no other.

Join Captain Plop as he races through three stages of water use and treatment- from the home to the treatment plant and back to the house and garden for reuse.

This book uses a bicycle race theme to introduce primary students to the concept of treating wastewater for the purpose of reuse.

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